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DZ-RELIEF sms from Govenment to share bank details to 9840131067. Is it fake?  

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Today I got SMS from DZ-RELIEF for relief fund, which request to share my bank details such as
Bank Account Name, Bank Name, Bank Branch, Account number to the unknown mobile number 9840131067.
It stated like to send this details immediately else government unable to transfer relief fund amount to my account.
Anyone have idea about it? Is it safe to send my bank details to this number?
If I a ignore this message. then if this is from some unknown, then my bank account is safe or if this is really from government then I won’t get my relief fund 🙁 . so please help immediately if possible…

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110% its true, not a fake one. The message has been sent by Government only. This information has been already published in newspapers. Please refer the news from famous newspapers below:



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Yes its not a fake. Last week we too got that message and immediately sent my father’s bank account details. Yesterday my family got the relief fund of Rs.5000 in my father’s bank account. 🙂 :-> :-> huhhhh


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