Software Testing Guide for Beginners to Advanced

Software Testing Guide Software testing is nothing but testing an application in various ways with different scenarios depending upon the client requirements. Software testing includes unit testing, manual testing, automation testing, performance testing, security testing, etc. This Software Testing Guide is a combination of the best strategies which I learnt and adapted in my software [...]

Best 3 Free AntiVirus Protection Software 2019

Hackers continuously spreading hundreds of millions of malware to steal the information and to corrupt the OS of the system. On the opposite, a lot of Antivirus company have been working hard to detect and quarantine the viruses. Still only very few Antivirus company providing 100% protection from the malware whereas remaining are lacking in [...]

How to Sync an iPhone with Outlook or Google Calendar

You can synchronies with your outlook calendar using iTunes as that with your contacts. It becomes even simpler using iCal. Step to be followed: I.            Now let’s see how we can s First let us see how to sync Outlook calendar with your iPhone using iTunes: Ensure that you have the most recent version of [...]

How to Make a Card on the Computer

A re you spending more money in creating cards? You can easily create cards in computer using MS Paint. MS Paint is a default application installed on Windows operating system. Basic knowledge in MS Paint is enough to make a card on the computer. Instructions to Make a Card on the Computer 1 Open MS [...]

How to Block Calls on an Apple iPhone

Attending to unwanted , unnecessary calls is not always a pleasant experience. Blocking of such unwanted calls is not a basic feature present in Apple iPhone. But, yes one can get access to this feature through an application by jail breaking your phone. Apple iPhone is provided with a special feature, the iBlacklist, which helps [...]

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How to Remove Babylon Toolbar

Babylon toolbar is one of the browser adware extension which helps to translate given words to custom language. It will change your browser’s home page, default search engine and display ads. This toolbar will be installed as part of some other software. Follow the below instructions to remove Babylon toolbar since most of the people [...]