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10 Easy Ways to Improve English Communication Skills

We all know that, how much really important to have good communication skill in an English. English is most worldwide accepted language. When you learn and have commando over language you can win and travel anywhere in the world. There is a saying who has good commando over English language and able to understand mathematics [...]

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Best 3 Free AntiVirus Protection Software 2019

Hackers continuously spreading hundreds of millions of malware to steal the information and to corrupt the OS of the system. On the opposite, a lot of Antivirus company have been working hard to detect and quarantine the viruses. Still only very few Antivirus company providing 100% protection from the malware whereas remaining are lacking in [...]

Google Public DNS vs OpenDNS vs ISP’s DNS

What is DNS? DNS (Domain Name System) is an internet protocol which translates domain name into corresponding IP addresses. Domain name system has distributed database to store domain name, IP address and many entities for that domain name. For example: if we type in the browser’s address bar and press enter. DNS resolver which [...]

Top 5 Best Open Source Question and Answer Scripts

Question and answer script (Q&A) is a new type of discussion forum help users to point out or to find the specific answer. It allows users to build question and answer forum sites similar to popular websites like “Stack exchange” and “quora”. It also helps to increase web traffic by engaging users in discussion. Main difference [...]

Top 10 Unknown Google Tricks

Google is the search engine predominantly used by most of us for launching any kind of search in the internet. In spite of Google’s popularity there are plenty very handy Google tricks, which many of us are unfamiliar with. Here are ten quite useful Google tricks which you will find yourself using frequently once you [...]