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cat – Unix and Linux Command with Examples

DESCRIPTION: cat command is one of the basic utility in UNIX operating system to concatenate files. USAGE: cat command is used to View the full content of the file in the screen. copy the file append the content of the file to another file OPTIONS & USE CASES: Totally there are 11 options to use [...]

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Create User Account in UNIX / Linux

System administrator had access to create user accounts to allow users to login. They can create user account with default configuration or by custom configuration. To Create User Account in UNIX / Linux useradd command is used to add user account in Linux or Unix systems. Also there is an alternative command to add user is [...]

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UNIX – Getting Started

What is UNIX? UNIX is an Operating system which is mainly developed to run on any computing devices. Unix is multiuser and multitasking operating system since several users can access the system and can do the several tasks at same time. UNIX History: UNIX or Unix was developed in ~1960s at AT&T Bell Labs by a [...]

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ls – Unix and Linux command with examples

Option Description -a Display all the files and folders even if they are hidden. (How to hide files and folders in unix) -A Similar to ‘–a’ option. Displays all the files and folders(even hidden) excluding working directory (.) and parent directory (..). -l Displays more information about the files like permissions, owner name, last modified [...]

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