How to Make a Card on the Computer

A re you spending more money in creating cards? You can easily create cards in computer using MS Paint. MS Paint is a default application installed on Windows operating system. Basic knowledge in MS Paint is enough to make a card on the computer. Instructions to Make a Card on the Computer 1 Open MS [...]

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How to Get all Commands of CMD in your Computer

Command Prompt (CMD) is a built-in command line interface application in windows operating system. Each version has certain set of commands. If you want to write program in DOS, then you must know all the cmd commands. For that, don’t waste your time by searching the commands in books and web. Command Prompt has a [...]

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How to use USB flash drive as RAM in Windows XP

Before trying this technique, you have to know what is RAM? RAM (Read Access Memory) used to increase the computer processing speed. In computer, RAM acts as a cache to store temporary files. By this, processor can quickly fetch instruction from RAM instead of accessing hard drive. Once the RAM goes out of memory, then [...]

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Delete Files Without Moving It Into the Recycle Bin

Usually if a file deleted by the normal way, a file or folder would be moved to Recycle Bin and you have to delete it in Recycle Bin as well. This helps to restore accidentally deleted files or folders. Follow the below simple trick to delete files without moving it into the Recycle Bin. Instructions [...]

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How to Recover Windows XP using Recovery Disk

Windows XP is the most popular and standard operating system used by many of the people. But there might be many chances to get Windows crashed. While purchasing the operating system, you may get some other disk like Recovery disk, which is used to restore software and files needs to use. If you missed to [...]

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How to Change IP Address in Windows 7, 8, 10, XP or Vista

Reason to Change IP address There are several reasons to Change IP Address in Windows operating systems depending   upon the necessity. Some websites restrict user by IP address to do some actions like voting, watching video, downloading, etc. In this case, changing the IP address might help to bypass this restriction. Below I have [...]

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