Facebook Pros and Cons

Facebook, launched in February 2004 is the most popular social networking website with an active user strength of 1 billion. In spite of the varied reactions that Facebook has drawn, there is no denying the fact that Facebook has reached unprecedented heights. It goes without saying that Facebook, unlike many other social networking sites, is [...]

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Top 10 Unknown Google Tricks

Google is the search engine predominantly used by most of us for launching any kind of search in the internet. In spite of Google’s popularity there are plenty very handy Google tricks, which many of us are unfamiliar with. Here are ten quite useful Google tricks which you will find yourself using frequently once you [...]

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Learn Traffic vs Backlinks

A webmaster is a person who maintains one or more websites. The job of maintaining a website is not an easy one. A webmaster has to be vigilant of the website's traffic and needs to work towards gradually enhancing the same. This he can achieve through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of [...]

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How to choose the best WordPress Hosting

To create a website, one must have good-looking theme, reliable web host and content for the site. In this, web host is the most important feature, because bad web host will often down you site, reduce the speed of loading and not reliable too. Some of the beginners will make mistake in choosing the hosting [...]

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How to Remove Babylon Toolbar

Babylon toolbar is one of the browser adware extension which helps to translate given words to custom language. It will change your browser’s home page, default search engine and display ads. This toolbar will be installed as part of some other software. Follow the below instructions to remove Babylon toolbar since most of the people [...]

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How to Delete Yourself from the Internet

So you have been surfing the internet for a while, maybe you're a net junkie, but now you realize that it’s not for you, and worst you don't even want to exist in the virtual world. Its hard to delete yourself from the internet completely. That can be a problem as you've spread yourself far and [...]

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